Joan Baker
Joan BakerSecrets of Voice-over Success
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Joan Baker
is among the most dynamic women in the voice-over industry. Her vocal musings have graced promos and commercials and documentaries for clients like American Express, Showtime, NBC Sports, ABC News, and more.


Joan is the author of Secrets of Voice-Over Success, the seminal industry book for the acting professional or newcomer seeking to create a career in the voice-over industry. In her book, Joan captures the intimate career journeys and practical how-to tips from the best voice-over talent in the business – a small clue to how incredibly connected she is throughout the voice-over industry. In fact, Joan Baker is not only a very successful artist in her own right, but she is the most sought after teacher and coach in the country, lecturing nationally at colleges, for the Learning Annex and corporate on-sites. Joan also offers private coaching and group seminars at her Manhattan studio.